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The right job is around the corner

Finding the right Job isn’t as easy as it seems, sometimes it feels like there just isn’t anything available, let alone one that fits your needs, and keeps you excited for the day ahead. During this time, it’s important not to give up because despite the cliché...

Now this is easy for someone to say but might be harder in practice. All manner of things can get you down and it’s easy to slip into a “waiting mode” where you feel like the only thing you should be doing is applying for jobs and waiting for your next interview, and anything else is a waste of time. This mindset can leave you feeling low and leave you feeling like getting a job is just something that won’t happen. The most important thing you can do during your unemployment is to take care of yourself, even more so now as we transition to colder weather.

Develop a skill That can help you in the workplace:

A crucial thing you can be doing is working on your skill set to better increase your chances of getting into your chosen field. Although some jobs require specific qualifications, or years of work experience, there are many companies out there that have multiple routes into the job outside of a degree. For example, with some roles, a good portfolio might be all you need.

One of the best tools at your disposal is the internet. There are hundreds of free online courses, an endless stream of information from scholarly articles to Reddit forums, and of course the ability to watch and engage with hands on tutorials on a multitude of video platforms. Taking the time to develop your skills is a key tool to boost your chances of landing a job.

Volunteering at a local charity or workplace:

Volunteering is a great way to add experience to your CV whilst also occupying your time in a healthy way. One of the main struggles of the “waiting period” is that you may not have the opportunity to leave the house very often, which can add to the low feeling that comes with unemployment. Volunteering is a great way to benefit your mental health, your CV, and any local charities or businesses that may need the extra support.

Explore new hobbies that could benefit your character:

Similar to developing your skills, taking on a new hobby could be a benefit to you both mentally and when it comes to applying for jobs. Employers like to see what kind of a person you are outside of work, as the skills you develop through your hobbies can directly impact your ability to perform in the workplace. For example, if you enjoy gardening in your spare time, an employer can decipher that you have good time management and organisational skills (planting at the right times of the year, watering plants individually based on their needs, types of soil or areas best suited to certain plants etc.).

Of course, picking up a new hobby can be more intimidating than developing an existing skill, but just remember everyone who is experienced at whatever you are attempting to do, started where you are. Taking the time to learn and enjoy yourself is important, and if you pick up new skills along the way then that’s a bonus!

Everyone has a story of unemployment

Every single person you know of has been in a similar situation to you, and everyone has a story of their time being unemployed, the interviews they attended and the “waiting period” blues that come along with it. It is easy to think based on someone’s current job that they wouldn’t have had a bad interview or didn’t seem a good fit for a job. But it happens, being unemployed especially when you live around employed people can be a very isolating experience, but keep in mind that they were most likely in your shoes at one point or another.

Getting into a schedule without a 9-5

It is easy to fall out of schedule when you are unemployed, go to bed past midnight wake up late in the afternoon, eating at the wrong times etc. An occasional night like this is going to happen from time to time but it can often feed into a negative mindset if you let it become the norm. A good way to manage this is to create and keep to a schedule that works for you, whether it’s as simple as a set bedtime, or a list of tasks to complete daily, making yourself a schedule for the day is a good way to keep yourself in a good mental space.

Learn from your last interview

The more interviews you attend the better you will get at them. Every time you sit down in front of a company you develop the skill of selling yourself. If you ever feel like an interview went bad, I personally left my suit jacket at my first interview and had to get someone to bring it down to me. This obviously wasn’t a very good look and made the situation very awkward for myself, but in my next interview I made sure I was fully prepared (and took my jacket with me when I left!)

Not every job is right for you

Our culture is very heavily set up to make it seem as though you must do any job that comes along, but not every job that comes along is the best job for you. Sometimes they won’t fit in with you as much as you don’t fit in with them. As people we should aspire to find the best fitting job for us.

How we can help

At Quick2Hire we are proud to connect the perfect employees to the perfect employers. If you’re struggling with the “waiting period”, check out our Job Board for opportunities local to you!

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